The Reason Association tries to support the foundation of the Reason community. Donations will help us constantly improve the platform and provide companies with a more accessible Reason ecosystem.

We depend on the donations from organizations and individuals. Donations will help us maintain essential infrastructure, organize events and meetups and also enables us to fund important projects and the accompanying voluntary work of its OSS maintainers, which you can find here.


Donations can be hard to justify, we understand that. Here's a list of reasons why you should consider supporting our organization:

  • We constantly improve the tooling and documentation landscape in the Reason & OCaml ecosystem, making every Reason developer more productive in their everyday work.

  • We empower community members to realize their innovative work, which will help us building better developer tools.

  • We try to make OCaml's ecosystem more accessible to web developers (native compilation, unikernels, parser generators, etc.) and make it possible to easily use an ML based platform for building safer full stack web applications.

  • We organize events, encourage the exchange of knowledge, promote Reason and OCaml on conferences and broaden the userbase for the technologies you depend on.

  • We are a well connected establishment in the Reason and JavaScript community and are happy to help connecting developers to potential employers.


As a non-profit organization we need to fulfill certain legal obligations. Companies and research institutes usually require a signed donation agreement for legal purposes, so we want to highlight some requirements to construct such a legal document:

  • We are not allowed to accept donations to realize concrete ideas of the donor. This would classify as a contracting service.

  • A donation agreement may contain a clause on how the funds should be used, usually defined with a project title and a short outline. Example "OCaml for Webdevelopers".

  • Donors are not eligible for any refunds or any specific deliverables. We try hard to accomplish our set of goals, but we cannot guarantee that the expected results will be produced.

  • Donors are eligible for a detailed report for the used funds. Generally all our progress will be publicly accessible on our website in the projects section, but we'll create an additional financial document explaining our concrete expenses as well.

How to donate?

We currently accept donations via PayPal or via bank transfer:

  • Owner: Reason Association - Verein zur Förderung der ReasonML & OCaml Plattform

  • Bank: Erste Bank der Österreichischen Sparkassen AG

  • IBAN: AT23 2011 1839 5776 2900


If you need a signed donation agreement, a donation invoice, or want to transfer donations via a different payment method, please contact us.