The Reason Association is a legally established non-profit organization. We are focused on the practical research, development and promotion of the ReasonML and OCaml programming languages.

We think that a strongly typed functional programming language can be pragmatic enough for web development and believe that OCaml has all the necessary traits to make it a powerful tool for the everyday JavaScript developer.

Reason is heavily used for web development tasks. Therefore we set our goals to put high emphasis on a good user / developer experience while also trying to maintain a strong connection to the scientific field.

We exist to bring the extensive range of powerful OCaml tools to the web development domain, hence make them more accessible for a broader audience.

ReasonML is an alternative syntax on top of OCaml, which looks more familiar to JavaScript and React developers.

The Reason Association is constantly in touch with the OCaml, Reason and JavaScript communities. Bringing different programming language communities together is not only limited to technical aspects, but also yields a lot of social challenges which need to be tackled in an empathetic and inclusive way.

To reach our goals, we put our focus on contributing to important tools and libraries in the OCaml, Reason and JavaScript ecosystem and try to make them compatible for all communities. We also do active community work, such as organizing conferences and supporting meetups to share knowledge and new ideas.

We want Reason to be future proof. We are convinced that our work will make the Reason development processes more transparent and will also give companies the confidence to commit to a well established language platform.


The board of the Reason Association is responsible for the strategic vision of the organization.

Patrick Stapfer

Board Member

Nikolaus Graf

Board Member

Cristiano Calcagno


Projects and Processes

The Reason Association is a non-profit organization with strategical and operational tasks. The board is evaluating current trends and important Open Source tools and libraries in the Reason and OCaml community and defines projects to support the development, either with code contributions, or if possible, with necessary funding.

A project is required to have a properly defined scope, a delegated contact person and must be reviewed after a runtime of maximum 6 months. The process of each project is properly tracked in our curated Projects section, which is regularly updated during the process.

If you are a developer or an organization with an interesting project idea, please get in touch.

Legal Obligations and Documents

We need to obey Austrian law for non-profit status, so we want to highlight some facts on what we can, and cannot do:

  • All our relevant work needs to be openly accessible to the public.

  • We are not allowed to offer products or services, such as consulting or contract work.

  • We may pay for services which help us reach our goals, e.g. paying OSS developers for their work.

Also all our legal documents, such as our statutes, are required to be maintained in German. Our English documents are translated by professional services and are compliant to the EN ISO 17100 standard.

  • Statutes: EN | GER

  • Association Register: GER


If you have any questions about our organization, or if you are interested to donate or want to take part in our projects, please let us know:

Email: contact<at>reason-association.org

You can also find us on Twitter, Github and Discord.